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“dbPAL makes it so easy to navigate and get what you want from it that I have no concern handing off the tool to upper management and developers alike. dbPAL truly makes expert modelers out of the most novices”

We specialize in providing database development, migration, logistics and data management solutions for ISV’s and corporate IT developers.

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Welcome to the world of IT-Map - leaders in the provision of solutions and products for database development, migration, logistics and data management solutions.

Our family of products have been carefully researched and developed over many years and offer some of the most advanced solutions available in the field of database development and data management.

Our technologies embrace the complex areas of change management and cross platform development. Our products integrate a wide range of functionality normally only found in point solutions.

We offer a holistic solution to the ever-growing and changing demands of enterprise data management. In short we offer our clients a road map to productivity gains in one of the most complex and fundamental disciplines of information technology.

Using our data migration, data ETL and remote database installation management products we are able to help ISV’s and VAR’s dramatically reduce their data conversion and implementation costs, allowing them to improve customer service and satisfaction at the same time as improving bottom line performance.

Please feel free to contact one of our sales offices to find how we can help you improve productivity and enhance your business

FREE COPY of MYdbPAL for MySQL database development, migration and ETL toolkit announced September 2004. DETAILS..


MySQL Version 4.1.23 support released
August 12, 2006 - support for MySQL 4.1 has been released.



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